Monday, 1 September 2008

Blogging made easy

We've known about Google reader for a while now, but have only recently started using it to its full potential. It's a great application that will make your blog browsing that little bit easier, collecting all the new posts from your favourite blogs and putting them in one place. Simple.

Google Reader explained

As part of our university course, our year group have been encouraged to keep a blog on anything they deem of interest. It's a great collection of around 100 students recording/ remarking on things they find intriguing in the world today.

By creating a folder in your Google reader and adding these blogs you can check on all the new posts without having to visit each page individually, making it very easy to keep up to date with everyone.

So, to save you entering all 100 or so of our coursemates blog links into your Google readers, we've exported it all here for you to download. It can also be found on our right hand bar for future use. Once you have downloaded the file simply go into google reader, click on Manage subscriptions (at the bottom left), then Import/Export, and just upload the file.

Hopefully, this application can help increase the activity across our blogs and start to see their full potential by seeing what people are talking about and increasing discussion in the comment sections.

After reading this particularly boring copy, here's some eye candy:


Enkeling said...
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James Callahan said...
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Louise Daniels said...

Arrhhh, arn't you boys nice.....collating all that information for everyone else! Well I guess you should, seen as some of us are now providing you with material for your posts!! Hehehe!

Just kidding, I've seen this you may be interested in - "Oliver Bishop-Young is giving you the chance to play table tennis on top of a specially renovated skip on Rivington Street in East London as part of YCN LIVE. Check out Oliver’s site for more ‘renovated’ skips."

Since you posted on this guy before, you could pop along if your in london town?! Unfortunately, I'm stuck in Brum otherwise I would be there!

James Callahan said...

we had a look for that skip yesterday but didn't see it.

Hopefully people download the links as it would be a good way of building up comments on good posts and just seeing what everyone else is seeing..

sarahg said...

cheers for this, really useful!