Friday, 27 June 2008

Ryohei Hase

Hey, check this guy out. Takes us back to the days of fantasy art...which as it turns out never left us. Anyway, we're still fans – big fans. Hase's words of wisdom "My strongest area is realistic fantasy art...trying to express feelings which difficutl to show in words."

Keep on expressing yourself Hase, we luvvit.

"Go forward and forward"
Ryohei Hase

Whilst we're talking about fantasy art, can't not mention Hajime Sorayama. Remember first discovering one of his books, 'Venom', a few years back and being blown away - some serious patience (& skill of course) I'm sure.

Various Robots
Hajime Sorayama

Never looked at Robots in the same way since...

Via Letter

You can't deny it, you love 3D type as much as we do. offers us all an affordable way to fulfill our 3D type fetishes. They supply sweet little 10cm letters but also take bespoke orders.

When you just can't be bothered with all the cuts, sticky fingers and wonky lines that are involved in doing it yourself, just click on .

Friday, 6 June 2008

Mister Rob Ryan

We can't help fall in love with all of the stunning illustration on Mister Rob Ryan's website. If you have eyes you will adore them, promise.

The new Dutch master - Delta

There are some truly brilliant things in Amsterdam, the "Venustempel" as they so perfectly describe it "A leading museum on the theme of sensual love ". It is also home to a road of wonders, a road that fullfils the wildest of dreams to all manor of balding 40 somethings.

But most importantly it is where Delta, a quickly rising star in this new fanged street art movement, beavers away in his studio. Unlike most of these rising stars his work doesn't look anything like Banksy's, and we think thats brilliant. His work is challenging, beautiful and fresh. His work pushes the boundaries of what most graffiti artists can do with a simple tag or line of type, he flirts with the line between the word and the image

Luckily for us our favorite London Gallery are currently showing a collection of some of his greats. If we had a few more pounds in our pocket we would love to get our hands on some of his more gritty work. Pop along to Elms Lesters and have a look for yourself.

You can see more of Delta's work on his site
Also Format Magazine host an insightful interview with the man behind the rubbish name.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

We first made friends with the Totally Enormous (and pretty sexy) Extinct Dinosaurs way back when they contributed to the Tate Tracks event, responding to a Dieter Roth canvas with their usual magic/Dino-fuzz. We've since shared many a pina colada in their company. Listening to them the other night, we came home and drew a portrait of them (Above).

Illustration Magazine

This Spring we've been featured in everyones favourite Illustration Magazine called 'Illustration Magazine'. Here's a scan...

The magazine has a focus on famous illustrators of the past, though, as shown with us, they are keen to explore newer material too. They said: "We wanted to explore children’s book illustrators alongside those who work on adult novels and classics - or even political manifestos and train timetables. We wanted to consider the humorous, the serious, the sinister and the surreal."

Thanks for having us 'Illustration Magazine.' Look forward to seeing you again soon : )


"Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having a subscription to a magazine but instead of receiving magazines in your mailbox - you receive T- shirts. Every six weeks we design a t-shirt based on a current news item and print the shirt's topic on the inside. You may not always hear about your T-post's story from traditional news media but in our opinion, you should have".


Visual Justice

The video for DVNO by French Electronic duo (Gaspard Augé & Xavier de Rosnay) 'Justice'. Directed by Yorgo Tloupas, So-Me and Machine Molle.

Enjoyed trying to spot the countless visual references as the lyrics are transformed into 80s-esque logos - borrowing more than a few shapes from many very big companies. Yum.