Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Viral Collection

As we haven't been too active recently we thought we would post a whole bunch of amazing virals that we have seen in the past weeks. Sorry to bombard you put we had to show these beauties off.

Cell Phone in Microwave - scary stuff

Biggest drawing in the world - For all you illustration fans

SEBASTIEN TELLIER, DIVINE - the best thing to be associated with the Euro vision for years, well apart from Wogan.

Robert Muraine Audition - What's a viral list with out some top dollar dance moves

Hyper Dunks

Some people say advertising it changing, huh we just can't understand where they got that idea?
What a great viral for Nikes Hyper Dunks, or whatever the little guy calls them at the end. All we know after that spot is Nike is COOL and we want some new trainers.

Pork and Beans - Weezer

Carrying on with the theme of music, this is Weezers new Promo/Viral. We always wondered what would happen if you put the internet in a room and gave it a keg.

Flight of the Concords album

Its not often we post about new music, however we are happy to make an exception for these two Kiwis.
If you've never seen Flight of the Concords where have you been? But if like us you dream every night about being in their "novelty band" you need to get the new album, now. Its full of all those wet yourself funny songs you loved from the series.
Get it, get it soon, no get it now (thats what itunes is for)..

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Photoshop Disasters

Often disigners are rushed, often they are tired, and sometimes they get lazy, very lazy. This is a blog that hunts down those slap dash designers and exposes there rubbishness to the world.
With some big name clients letting these kind of graphics slip through the net we wonder if anyone would really notice?!
Have a look for yourself - photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com

Friday, 2 May 2008


Photography comes in all shapes and sizes, some delicately beautiful, some controversially shocking, and some just way cool.
Check out the coolest flickr set we have ever seen: souvenirs
Thanks Itsnicethat for the heads up.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Great up and coming events.

Sorry we haven't posted much recently, we have been extremely busy with a few projects. Once we are with finished them this be the first place they get shown, don't you worry.
We thought we would let you know about a few events happening over the next week or so.

The Cans Festival looks to be an exciting event with over 40 artist collaborating to create one huge wall of art. With street artists quickly becoming the new cool, its probably the place to be. The event invites anyone to come along and get involved, you could become the new Faile!!
To Find out more visit www.thecansfestival.com

Next is the Modern Toss ­ Museum of Urban Shit Naks. We are working with the Modern Toss guys on a new project and they have invited us along to what looks like to be a very interesting and different show.
"Come see a collection of highly original originals - including a lifesize Alan, a selection of decorative wall-mounted ceramic Shit-Frisbees, a four hundred pound hand-knitted Book-Cosy and the Drive-by Abuser's uncompromising reappraisal of some fine art masterpieces such as Constable's fucking Haywain."
We'll be there with bells on!!
To Find out more visit www.ink-d.co.uk

Last is a show by the massively up and coming Adam Neat and the already hugely successful Ron English. This will be one of those sell out shows that is talked about all over the creative press. Adams work seems to be attacking the art world with a massive amount of force at the moment, and we assume making him bundles of cash along the way. Be there or be broke!!
To Find out more visit www.elmslesters.co.uk

We'll be showing our faces at these events so hopefully we'll see some of you there too.