Tuesday, 25 December 2007

James & Joe & Yule

Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the wonder of this 25th day of days, we've made a christmas party of our own:


The illustration features just some of the many people who've been a part of our year - but the list is far from comprehensive. So we apologize that we seem to have cruelly snubbed you. Remember, we still love you truly, madly, and deeply.

To zoom in and out of the page you can use the controls at the top left, it's also possible to click and drag the image with your mouse. Explore it exactly as you would a google map...or any of our other pages.

Anyway, back to our champagne breakfast...

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Garbage Pail Kids

James Flames & Joltin' Joe
Just two of the brilliantly disgusting characters from our childhood favorites the Garbage Pail Kids. As soon as we found Barren AARON's GPK World that sweet smell of bubble gum from a freshly opened pack of cards came rushing back up our nostrils.
Barren AARON's site has a huge archive of nearly all the cards, wrapping, promotional posters, and loads more Garbage pail related goodies to keep your inner child happy for hours. They have even listed all the character's names and where you can find them. Its great stuff, have a browse.
Barren AARON's GPK World

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Perry Bible Fellowship cartoons

A huge collection of hilarious cartoons. Please if you only click on one link today check these out.
The Perry Bible Fellowship drawn by Nicholas Gurewitch

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Why not do something great with a banner ad, why not treat it the same as any other ad space out there.
BannerBlog has a nice collection of cool banner ads for you to browse through and comment on.
Ps We know the image isn't strictly a banner ad, but it is interesting (Mietwagen is German for Rent a Car).

Fragiles: Porcelain, Glass & Ceramics

Maxim Velcovsky's, "Little Joseph" is a very different type of candle holder, we assume as the wax builds up Little Joseph slowly grows hair. However when using white candles (as in this picture), some might think it looks like something entirely different.
Fragiles: Porcelain, Glass & Ceramics Exhibition at Design Miami.
A beautiful collection of little works of art for the home.

An annual report that has to be cooked first.

Well Done: a food company annual report that has to be cooked first.
A very D&AD idea.
Check out a little more about it HERE.

Dick Tricks

After the Queen's speach, when the whole family is full of food and getting sleepy, charades can seem sooo last year. Instead why not log onto www.dick-tricks.com and impress the Aunts and Uncles with a little genital fun.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Secret Ingredients: A careful mixture of GHB and rohypnol?

The ads for P-Diddy's new fragrance are all over the place, but on what level they inspire people to purchase the product I'm just not sure - perhaps it's too complex a portrait of relationships for me. No big smiles and warm embraces here, this is for the lover who needs no compliance.

angel tube station

Angel has the longest escalator in Europe, James made the mistake of running up it one day, he nearly died..