Friday, 5 September 2008

The art of commentry

Having started out enjoying the comment culture over at Jai & Wal's blog Creative in London, James and I are beginning to get a little surprised by the bitter taste of negative comments that seem to stalk many of their posts. It seems like they have an audience that deliberately go on their blog to leave scathing criticism. But Jai & Wal love it, as they still allow anonymous posting... which is great, so all opinions remain welcome.

Fortunately for James & I we don't seem to have that problem just yet. Averaging around -2 comments per post, our blog is like a silent ninja (The sexy way of saying no-one reads it). So amongst all this comment chat, we found ourselves reading an article by Toby Francis from It's brilliant countdown of the top Obnoxious Internet Commentors out there.

#8. The Non-Believer

Maybe you could reply to this post as someone from the list? Or maybe not.


mos said...

just wanted you to know that i read your blog and i love it!

]-[appy Thought said...

Advertising culture is a funny one, there are a lot of egos flying about and once you combine that with internet anonymity and the pressure to deliver blinding work means you get a lot of haters. Sometimes however that hate can get start to get a little out of hand, I'm pretty sure that the authors of the comments don't mean what they say to be read as harshly as they type it, it's the world of exaggeration and provocation we live is as advertisers after all.

The demand for quality content in a bLog about advertising is also as contentious as producing good work yourself. Writing a bad article or, say, promoting a really bad film (even if it is done by a mate) can mean a backlash from readers, and you have to keep them happy if you want them to come back!

Creative in London can be seen as being a bit of a victim of it's own success, but seeing as all they are going to attract with their content is people from adland then these are the comments you're going to get. Jaded attacks from the old school crew, happy starry-eyed whispers of admiration from students and naive graduates.

Thems the breaks. Nice bLog, I'll be back :)

thomposon said...

Had no idea THE BOT worked like that. pretty shameful really, a career i don't want to get into just yet. though maybe i should spamvertize here for fun is always good so theres my spam

scarlet-blue said...

Hello, I've popped in from time to time!
I love adverts! I will come back more often and be very rude to you.

James Callahan said...

Moss - Thanks we love to know we're not just rambling on to ourselves. Keep in touch.

]-[appy Thought - You speak the truth. Lets hope for the boys they "don't mean what they say to be read as harshly as they type it".

thomposon - The industry isn't all full of negative people, there are also a lot of very very nice people too. Just like any industry really.

Scarlet-blue - We'd love to see you here again. Pop back as often as you can and be as rude as you like x

Joseph Keirs said...

Re. 07 September

Yeah, the explanation for 'bots' surprised me too, pretty nasty job. Can't feel great on the old self esteem.
Like they say in the article, at least if it tried to be exciting that might be excusable!

Nice spam btw, if only all weblinks had such intrigue.

Anonymous said...

the photo says it all, i am that picture