Thursday, 4 September 2008

Sexy species

"The ugly redheaded stepchildren of the animal kingdom don’t get much attention compared to the perennial endangered animal favorites like pandas, polar bears, and owls" says Sara in a feature on This particular feature hosts a handsome collection of "the world's weirdest endangered species".

Having checked out the showcase, I'm once again amazed by the everlasting power of looking at... freaky beasts. It certainly is a hard to match pleasure, and also vaguely educational. Who would have thought the below amphibian, technically half-snake half-man, would usually live to 100?

Mr. Olm

Here's another, less informative, site that exhibits some of the world's even better looking creatures. There's genuinly something for everyone, if you like cute check out the komondor, if you're more of a 'eugh' girl then knock on this Star-nosed mole's door, and who wouldn't want to go to the disco with this little shaker:

Mr. Axolotl

But if this is all too contemporary for your freaky beast needs, there's a collection of ten extinct animals here, some charming illustrations.


Anonymous said...

Sloth sloth sloth

the best of them all. freaky and slow, and old!

Anonymous said...

freaky + sexy = freaky, still

wtf is a sta nose mole

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