Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Transport for London - Awareness test

It may not be as fun or shocking as some of the other THINK (& Transport for london) adverts but we do think its a neat little way to deliver the message, if you make the effort to actually play along.
You can visit the Do The Test mini site to send it on and find out a little more info.


Anonymous said...

not sure guys - bear isnt too different from the none white team


James & Joe said...

Come on, you loved it! Perhaps it would be more impactful if something crazier happened - but hey, I still feel like a jerk for missing it.

Whatever happened to the 'Eagle Eyed Joe' of my formative years...

Give us a shout if you find something that ticks the box your looking for, be great to see how far you can push the concept behind this video.

Anonymous said...

I hate this ad because it's a massive rip-off of this guy's psychology experiment:

Which is copyrighted, and WCRS didn't even consult him before they totally ripped it off. They haven't apologised either, just basically said "well you can't sue us, ha ha".

This kind of thievery from so called "creatives" nakes me really cross.

James & Joe said...

Wow, thanks for the link.

Without the sound/location/sexy people, it seems like the naive younger brother of the transport ad. But in reality, as you suggest, it's the wise old man... giving birth to a very very similar young baby (the transport ad).

Last time we discussed the merits of a 'rip off' we also had a heated response - though that time our blogging friend seemed slightly more in favour...

Hmm, clever application of an idea or filthy rip off? One to think on about..