Friday, 14 March 2008

Kyna and Jennie's Banned Ads

Recently there has been controversy over the stunningly beautiful GHD ad TBWA/Manchester created around christmas.

"The complaints particularly highlighted the use of the phrase from the Lord's Prayer and the depiction of the letter "t" as a cross in "thy".
The ASA said that while previous ghd campaigns did not "mock" faith or belief, the new ads went further with the women appearing to be praying while being erotic."( article)

Kyna and Jennie were working on these ads when we were at TBWA, we vividly remember the day some of the models popped in for a casting session. We are positive the girls didn't set out to offend anyone, so it's weird for us to see so much negativity surrounding the ads.

However this isn't the first time Kyna and her partner have attracted the attention of the Advertising Standards Authority.
They also wrote the banned Original source ad featuring a naked woman in a sexual pose who "appeared" to be under 16, we are pretty sure she wasn't 16 but it still got the chop (Read more here).

Its odd that two of the sweetest, friendliest girls could be getting so many people all hot and bothered.
We wish them both all the best for the future, hopefully we'll get a chance to grab a beer with them and the other TBWAers next time we're back up north.

To see Kyna and the other guys at TBWA/Manchester in all their glory check out our 2007 christmas card.

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