Sunday, 9 March 2008

Online Hearing Test

The first of its kind we have seen online, a unique experience.
Could be good inspiration for those students who are working on the Ogilvy D&AD brief "campaign promoting the idea of really listening as opposed to just hearing".
Put on some headphones and really involve yourself for a moment.
Listen Here


Anonymous said...

That's very annoying, I hate being deceived like that! You guys shouldn't be tricking your fans

Anyway, I think I'm a bit sore cos I thought itwas gonna be sumthn it wasnt.

love the blog


James & Joe said...

We're sorry AJ but we thought at least its for a good reason. By giving the ending away it might have spoiled it for those who could enjoy it.
Thanks for the kind comments, hope your having a sunny funday.

RogerHaus said...

Wait, i'm crying :_(