Friday, 7 March 2008

Jar Tops

Selection of Jar Tops designed by Jorre van Ast.

"By screwing on plastic tops, these readily available jars are turned into vessels with a specific function. A generic jar is transformed into kitchenware, creating more practical and emotional value. The family includes a sugar pot, milk jug, chocolate sprinkler, oil&vinegar set and a water jug."
- Jorre van Ast.

Seems like a great asset to anyones kitchen. Though maybe not in house of this angry blogger: "What's the point of saving jars to reuse them if you are going to throw out the perfectly usable lids and replace them with something else? I thought the point of reuse was to REDUCE our consumption, not to create a market for yet more products."

Surely it's just a brilliant idea? & perhaps a bit less rusty than holding onto the original metal cap..


B C said...

very clever indeed, why woul anyone oppose?
hope ikea are stocking already

James & Joe said...

Well, we're still not quite sure - but it's great to hear what people think.
Here's hoping IKEA know what's good for them..