Saturday, 1 March 2008

Photoshop Magic

The above image was found on It was the wining image in a competition to "Simply take any work of art and remove the character from the image, leaving their garments in place." Simple really!!
The site is for the Photoshop gods out there that can, at the click of a mouse, make anything look like, well, anything. Its amazing to see the true extent to what is possible with a little bit of Adobe know now. Things have really moved on from the days of MS Paint.
This image was taken from a competition entitled "Collectibles for Those Who Hate "Cute"

Its definitely worth a look, even if just to see some of the funny and ever so slightly scary images people have created. We're sure 90% of fake viral images like the one of a mans head being inserted where it shouldn't (come on we've all seen that one) started with a mouse click from the people on this site.
An Imaginative and very technically talented bunch, thanks to Craig Kind for the heads up.

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