Monday, 25 February 2008

Walk Along Glider

Tyler MacCready shows how he can use his head to fly a paper aeroplane. Completely controlled by the air your body moves in, this gliding toy seems like a trick at first.

Some tips - 1, 2 - for building your own.


potto said...

surly 2 good to b true
so fake its funny

James & Joe said...

Maybe funny, but not sure it's fake.
But it could be fun to talk about any hoax you've enjoyed before...
(We're particularly partial to conspiracy theories)

RogerHaus said...

jajaja incredible! :D

Anonymous said...

dudes this rocks, lets make one for the world!!!

A good fake has to be the moon landin

No1s been on the moon for shit, cept wallace n gromit yeh

Anonymous said...

its not a fuckin hoax, its for real.
there are tons of different variations of them.