Tuesday, 12 February 2008

"Scrappy" Chic

A few short weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Abi & Simon from WWAV Rapp Collins. We also had the pleasure of sharing a few drinks with them, and it wasn't long before we heard of their similar love of the weird and wonderful (which they rigorously, and beautifully, document in many a "scrappy").

We told Abi all about our unique souvenirs from a trip down under, and watched as she listened in awe of our findings. She made us promise not show them to her unless we were to give them as a gift - apparently to see and not to own them would just be too hard. Well, to keep and not to show is also difficult. So hold your noses and forget your ethics as here for the world (+ Simon & Abi) to see, we give you first look at the frog coin purse & kangaroo testis lighter holder. Lunch anyone?

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