Monday, 25 February 2008

Street Art

I think we have our new YBA's!
With the huge success and world wide fame of the street artist Banksy art collectors and critics have started looking seriously at street art. Recently Damien Hurst bought up every piece in a exhibition by such artists as DFace & Faile and a guy called Adam Neate who leaves paintings around east London is now selling his work for up to £36,000 .

(Adam Neate 'The Apprentice' Sold for £36,000)

However luckly James & Joe as always have there fingers on the pulse of everything cool.... A few years ago we purchased a Banksy print, a Robert Del Naja aka 3D from Massive Attack print and found an Adam Neate painting on the streets of East London (below).

We aren't sure of the exact value of any of these pieces (if any one knows please let us know) but hopefully they will one day help pay off a little student debt.
So heads up, if you have a little spare cash to slash get your hands on some of these guys work before its worth as much as an Emin or a Hurst.


RogerHaus said...

Great Blog, interesting posts.
I'll visit you, hugs from Barcelona :D

James & Joe said...

Thanks alot Roger, we have a website too if you wanna have a browse

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Nice article!