Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Our GT feature

This month we've been lucky enough to have GT magazine feature an article on us. Given the opportunity to occupy such a space, we wondered what exactly we could fill it with. Here's an extract from the interview on our choice of imagery:

"We’re constantly shocked by the many stories we hear of students in the Leeds University Library. When you get a horde of young and over worked students in one enclosed area things are bound to happen, if only to relieve a little tension. For these reasons we thought it a fun setting to explore, we’ll call it our way of saying thanks for the times librarians choose to turn a blind eye."


Davey said...

It was only a matter of time! Sooner or later those abs were gonna come out to play, although so soon, so soon.
You're supposed to tease the public first!
Anyway, Work it!!

Anonymous said...

Did they tell you how to picture yourselves or were you able to reuse a previously drawn example?

James & Joe said...

Hi Davey and anonymous (such an air of mystery around you we can't help but guess who could it be?!...)

d- True! Perhaps we jumped the gun with our hasty step into full frontal. Though we like the think the choice of underwear was fairly tasteful. Anyway, advertising/posing nude in a library...what's the difference?

a- It was a fantastic offer as it was totally open! We were told only the format, then given the chance to do whatever we pleased within that space. We wanted to use illustration as it's something that we don't get to show very often, all the agencies we meet want us to spend our time working on ideas...not execution. So we enjoyed sitting down with our doodling pens for a while...
It could have been easy to use a previously drawn example, but how much less fun would that have been?!

Julio Cesar said...

Haha! Love it. Very nice. ;)