Friday, 15 February 2008

Accidental Charity

Yesterday we celebrated St. Valentines day. A lovely chance to forget all our worries and indulge ouselves in the fruits of life.

The opportunity to dine at a tasty eatery had to be seized. However, leaving his mobile switched on inside his trouser pocket, Joe unwittingly managed to spend his romantic date on the phone to his ex. Awful for his credit & not great for his self respect. Though, the chances of her hearing anything over the McDonalds customer announcement tannoy is unlikely, we hope.

It happens all the time. People seem to mistakingly phone their friend's Aaron, Abdul, or, as in Joe's case, Amy a lot more than they do Monty. It's not because we don't love Monty, it's because he's just not high enough on the contact list for our bums to dial.

Fascinated by this unique phenomena, we wanted to share the actions of League of The Blind...

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