Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Videos for the bored

If you can forgive the school boy giggling and "awsome" comments from the camera man its actually quite ingenious.

Next is a classic test of the Titans. A battle between new technology and old fashioned craftsmanship.
The voice over for the Japanese man is possibly even more entertaining than the dual itself.

Now get back to work!


NoNeedToShout said...

haha brilliantly pointless.
awesome voiceover

Louise Daniels said...

Haha!! I would love to try that..the escalator, not the gun/sword thing. Would, of course, end in disaster!

James Callahan said...

I think you should do it and post a video. You might as well try the gun thing too, whats the worst that could happen - - ok maybe best not too.

Ralph said...

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