Thursday, 21 August 2008

Mars define the new 'gay'

Shocking facts have revealed that speedwalking = homosexuality. Just watch, the proof is here:

Or maybe not. But Mars have still chosen to withdraw the advert on the basis that it might be a little too homophobic (according to someone. maybe. possibly).

If anything, shouldn't Mars be worried about upsetting the harmony of the speed-walking community?! They've had it easy for a long time. Lucy Mangan from The Guardian comments on her frustration with speedwalkers: "Either walk or run properly, for God's sake! To watch someone fight against every human urge to propel themselves across ground as quickly and efficiently as possible is agonising! Make it stop!"

A short while ago another Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO ad was pulled (remember the highly provocative Heinz Mayo ad which made the word explicit seem rather beige). Perhaps it's time Heinz and Mars got some nuts* and stopped giving in to all the homophobes out there.

Sexy pic & more info here.

When in doubt, how would Eddie Murphy answer all this?

* Someone had to say it.


GD said...

mars are lame as, and henz are worse whats wrong with the ads

Bell said...

I am not sure why Mars chose to withdraw the advert, i'm not that impressed with it but i do think it has a valid point speedwalking = gay. How did it manage to become an Olympic sport?!