Saturday, 23 August 2008

Copy Writer

I just chanced upon these ads for Manix Condoms.

Nope, I'd never heard of Manix either, which doesn't exactly fill me with faith.

On a (un)related note, I recently tore open a pack of Mates to find them decorated with a limp comic sans typeface staring back at me, it didn't help too much. Of all the tone of voices to choose from and my condom manufacturer goes for comic sans. Not sure that was the best choice, perhaps the thinking went: Mates - Friendly – Playful – Childish..Already not heading in the best direction for a sex cap. I wanted to show an example of the guilty subject, but the only image I can find is of a Mates condom for the 'smaller gentleman', here's what they look like, but I'd like to point out that wasn't the specific product I was operating with. Anyway, not the point..

So anyway, I recognised the copy from HMV's line, which is the same – Though not exactly heading in quite the same direction. HMV's Get Closer project seems pretty big, worth a look. There's an article from April on their social network concept here.

Wonder how many different brands use the exact same lines for completely different purposes (Call it trivial curiosity, perhaps).


dannyboy said...

Wrigly's Extra chewing gum - Get a little closer

Although the word 'little' isn't one that you want to see on your rubbers...

Joseph Keirs said...

Oh yeah! good call. Seems like everyone wants a bit of proximity.

True that about the 'little'. Interestingly, I thought it was quite surprising that the good people at Mates' chose to call their condom model for people with 'little' friends: "conform", as if they might not have self confidence issues already...