Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I Love My Mum

Finally we are selling off the very last batch of our I LOVE MY MUM Tees.
If you want one grab it while you can as we have a very very limited number left.
Tees can be purchased from: jamesandjoe.bigcartel.com


Joe Blogs said...

Love these tee's guys. If i hadn't spent the majority of my student loan on alcohol and prostitutes i would defo snap up one of these bad boys.

Hows the final year treating you guys anyway?

Joseph Keirs said...

Damn those prostitutes, if only retrieving the money from them was as easy as it is in GTA
Might cost the old conscience a bit more though

Final year is going well – the dissertation storm is over and the sky is full of independent project sunshine, once again - nice work with the mockumentary, must've been pretty fun to make

Joe Blogs said...

hahaha, yes. If only life was like GTA.

Feels good to get the dissertation out the way eh? Not long until final hand in now so everything is a bit mental. Cheers mate. Mockumentary was so much fun to make. Think we possibly had too much fun and neglected the big idea. Oh well.

What are your plans after graduation?