Wednesday, 11 February 2009

He Loves a Fat Girl

He does indeed love that fat girl!
I stumbled upon this on youtube and I really don't think it has had the exposure it deserves.


pwr2thepeopleman said...

I don't think there are any subjects comedy shouldn't touch ( I assume you put this on here for the comedic aspect) but this is not funny. It is a strain to sit through the 3:14. There is a reason this not getting attention: it doesn't deserve any.

Joseph Keirs said...

Ah that's a good point about what should be touched, and touched well > everything. Your sentiment makes me want to go watch some Lenny Bruce.

Hey, I also like the idea that YouTube hits is often a helpful way of sieving out the rot. It's nice to think that sometimes one might stumble upon a gem before it sees widespread acclaim - sorry that this one didn't work for you!

Power to the peoplely,


Penegra said...

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I guess I will all click in to place at some stage!

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