Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Ted Baker Xmas Window

We received some great news today – Planarama have finished installing our first ever window display. We designed the big Christmas window for Ted Bakers "exquisite standalone womenswear store" at Langley Court, Covent Garden (map). It consists of a layered white Christmas wonderland scene spreading across the numerous front windows...

Beginning our work with Ted Baker by developing concepts for their high-street stores, it seemed quite a jump to work on their boutique womenswear store. Whilst the majority of Ted Baker windows are colourful, mechanized, and have a unique sense of humour, Langley Court strives to be elegant, feminine, and up-market.

We took on the challenge and chatted to/up the young women who worked & shopped in the store, and set out to do the impossible, think like women! We plan to see it for ourselves soon, so as we can get some more shots of the whole display working as one.

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Anonymous said...

looking good guys... Joe p