Saturday, 1 September 2007

Vincent Laforet

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I've know about this technique for a while now, but thought i'd pop it up here so you guys could take a peek. I'm sure we will start seeing it used in advertising soon.
"Very nice photography of sport events. Using infocus in a wide shot with strong out of focus Vincent Laforet shows you the event in a way you couldn't see in reality. It makes you want to interfere, replacing the people like pawns as if the scene is right there on a table in front of you."
To see some more check out Vincent's site.
Vincent Laforet

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Anonymous said...

Some of those pictures, especially the aerial ones are really intriguing. You really do want to move things around when you see the photos, especially on the airfield shot on his site and I can definitely see some applications for advertising, making reality appear like a game, malleable, open to manipulation or something like that maybe.