Sunday, 20 July 2008

Fiat Grande Punto - Engineered to Entertain

People love a classic copy story.
Does it matter where the peoples inspiration comes from, should all ideas be original?

"Fiat is bouncing its new Series 2 Grande Punto on a trampoline for a TV commercial that introduces the strapline 'Engineered to entertain'." The spot, directed by music video specialist Michael Gracey, cost a hansom £500,000 to create, and is sure to wow most who set eyes on it.

The new Fiat Punto advert.

However there is an issue....It is pretty much the same as the below video, just, with a car,
Surly the similarities are so strong, the same people must have been involved in both films, however I can't find any proof of this..

You can read more about the new Fiat Punto advert here.

What do you guys think??


James Callahan said...

After posting i found this article of the CR Blog.
Seems as though they worked together on the project.

Read the article here:

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