Friday, 27 June 2008

Ryohei Hase

Hey, check this guy out. Takes us back to the days of fantasy art...which as it turns out never left us. Anyway, we're still fans – big fans. Hase's words of wisdom "My strongest area is realistic fantasy art...trying to express feelings which difficutl to show in words."

Keep on expressing yourself Hase, we luvvit.

"Go forward and forward"
Ryohei Hase

Whilst we're talking about fantasy art, can't not mention Hajime Sorayama. Remember first discovering one of his books, 'Venom', a few years back and being blown away - some serious patience (& skill of course) I'm sure.

Various Robots
Hajime Sorayama

Never looked at Robots in the same way since...


Chris said...

Hot link fellas,I seen this kid befor and still like
Is he English?

James & Joe said...

Afternoon Chris, Hajime Sorayama is Japanese & as for Ryohei Hase ("I am an illustrator based in Tokyo") I think the same.
Did they remind you of an particular English illustrator?

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