Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Garbage Pail Kids

James Flames & Joltin' Joe
Just two of the brilliantly disgusting characters from our childhood favorites the Garbage Pail Kids. As soon as we found Barren AARON's GPK World that sweet smell of bubble gum from a freshly opened pack of cards came rushing back up our nostrils.
Barren AARON's site has a huge archive of nearly all the cards, wrapping, promotional posters, and loads more Garbage pail related goodies to keep your inner child happy for hours. They have even listed all the character's names and where you can find them. Its great stuff, have a browse.
Barren AARON's GPK World

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Chris said...

James and Joe: Thanks for linking this, I used to LOVE GPK when I was a little 'un. I forgot all about them, so you’ve brought back some good memories. I’ll spend all day looking through that site now.