Thursday, 18 October 2007

A Banksy in the bank.

This print (Kids on guns) was bought 3 years ago in a Brighton art store for £250, the other day it was sold at Sutherbys for around £150,000.

I know someone who has this print (Pulp Fiction) they bought from Santa's Ghetto in London about 5 years ago for £50, god knows what's its worth now! Any one have any ideas or want to re-mortgage their house for it?


Anonymous said...

The kids on guns sold recently for £ 200,000 was in fact a canvas, not a print.
The Pulp fiction print is worth about £4000-5000 signed and £1800-2500 unsigned. Ebay is the best place to check for prices.

James & Joe said...

Thanks, that info was from the news break in GMTV, so no doubt it was a bit out.
However I'm pretty sure the one they mentioned was a print? I live close to the store it was bought from and I'm 99% they only sell prints.
But hey 4000 - 5000 is still a very good profit.

Anonymous said...

hi, i am 100% sure that kids on guns was only produced on a canvas (perhaps an edition of 15-25.. rather than a one off)... but never as a print.
GMTV arnt the only ones making mistakes.. the Guardian and Times consently make up facts and figuers on Banksy
whatever he bought it for he will make a massive profit what ever he sells it for... if only we had all known!
Check out for all the infomation and gossip you need!

one of the best and certainly the longest articles of the man:

James & Joe said...

It sounds like you really know your stuff.

I bet some lucky fans bought loads when they where cheap, such a great investment.

I'll check out those links, thanks for that, are you a big fan yourself?

Anonymous said...

yes i am a big fan, i know a fair amount about him (but there are alot of people out there that know more than me!).
I have been collecting his work (and others like Kaws, Seen, dalek, Dface, Pure Evil) for about 5 years... i have about 15 of his prints and a gangsta rat canvas (the same as the one that just sold for £50,000!). im still kicking myself for going to POW and walking out with a few signed prints when i should have bought the lot! still cant really complain... i bought a girl and ballon signed from ebay last year for £800... a gallery in london now has one for sale for £23,000! check out Bonhams website, there are a few Banksys at the Vision 21 sale next week