Sunday, 17 June 2007

Google earth and ad's

robert sollis
Artsist quote:
"If ‘Royal College of Art’ is searched for on Google Maps a marker with an 'A' identifies the college building. As half the college is exhibiting in the park this year I asked Google to place another marker over the park to let users know where we are. Google didn't respond to the request so this marker has been made in order to solve the problem. Each carpet tile is a square of 185mm. This corresponds to one pixel of information on the Google Maps satellite image."

Google earth is allover the urmmm earth

The world’s popular men’s magazine Maxim celebrated its 100th issue in style. A giant billboard of Eva Longoria has been constructed near vegas and can be see via satellite images from Google Earth.

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Anonymous said...

Well. The magazine is just a lay over. It doesn´t really exist.